The Most Trending Sofa Sets

Do you want to change the style of your living spaces and give your living rooms a new look with new furniture? You can make the living space of your dreams by examining the designs that shape the 2022 sofa fashion! In this article, you can discover the 2022 sofa fashions, which include different, vivid and remarkable details from the previous seasons, ready to apply the most suitable furniture style to your home!

Rise of Chester Sofas

Chester sofas, which have been popular since they were discovered and even with the effect of vintage fashion, are one of the most preferred models of recent times; It leads the 2022 seating fashion.

With the buttons added to quilted upholstery, where leather and velvet fabrics give a striking elegance, chester sofas, which are in perfect harmony with today’s prominent industrial and retro home decorations, are waiting to decorate your home as well. By implementing chester sofa styles, where traditional style meets modern perspective, in your living rooms you can create an elegance beyond time in your home!

Corner Sets Integrating with the Floor

Corner sets find a place for themselves every season with their comfortable use and functionality that creates useful solutions in narrow spaces.

Corner sofas, which shape the 2022 seating fashion in the new period, draw attention with their short-legged models that seem almost combined with the floor on which they are positioned. The corner sets, which are generally designed without back cushions and give the impression of a corner with their seating sections consisting of several pieces; creating a regular, modern and wide sitting and resting area in living rooms this season.

Vivid Colors and Maximalist Styles

Minimalism was so popular (and still is) for so long that maximalism is bound to continue to make a comeback, at the top of the 2022 sofa fashion. Maximalism is all about embracing ‘extra’—be it a floral velvet or bullion fringe.

The maximalist home decoration style, in which abundant accessories and assertive patterns stand out, takes its place among the trends, the style of the armchairs naturally begins to take shape accordingly. This season, we will see flashy colors such as blue, water green and pink in the sofa sets decorated with vibrant and energetic colors and throw pillows of contrasting colors. If you have rolled up your sleeves to renew your home or make small touches, you can include sofa sets with colors and details suitable for the maximalist style in your home!

Create moody spaces with cozy palettes

Moody spaces feel a bit more expressive and are certainly cozier. Seems like using aubergine, hunter green, black and warmer alternatives to white such as taupe, beige, and cream will be more trendy this year.

Enjoy your dark kitchen!

Kitchens have really changed in the last five years— A rise in darker and moodier colors will become even more popular this year. Leathered stones, such as granites, marbles, and quartzites might work well to create a moody kitchen! These materials are going to be increasingly popular in 2022.