Cancelation – Return – Refund

If the purchased products are in our warehouse at the time of creation of the sales contract, they are reserved for the customer. If the product is requested by another customer after this reservation, the other customers are informed that the product is not in the warehouse.

If not in stock, the purchased products are entered into the factory production system and approved in the new orders. The approved orders cannot be cancelled after they are included in the production program. Therefore, 20% of the total amount of the purchase is non-refundable deposit, and this is confirmed by the customer.

When customers want to return the products after the products are delivered to them, a 20% deposit fee plus 5% delivery fee will be deducted from the amount they paid and the remaining amount will be transferred to their account within 3 working days. (The packages of the products must not be opened.)

After the customers start using the products they bought, the products can be returned within 2 weeks with 50% deduction. It is not possible to return the products whose usage exceeds 14 days. (The returned products are delivered to the warehouse by the customer.)

If the products the customer receives are damaged, an after-sale damage record form is created. The damage is resolved as soon as possible by our expert team. However, this situation is not a reason for a return. (This period can take up to 3 months for damages that require spare parts that need to be ordered from the factory.)